First Post

About this Book

The fundamental purpose of this book is to explain how you can have the future you want.

There are some basic notions that you will need to understand to make it happen. For example, the power to control your destiny is based on the decisions you make each and every day. Many of us go about our days guided by habits that do not allow us to reach our goals. These habits only keep us in place, they don’t move us forward.

In Finding Your Way, you will find that to go where you want to go in life and your career, you must stop what you are doing, change the habits that are holding you in place, and then go on your journey of self-discovery.

To illustrate this simple, STOP/CHANGE/GO concept, I have employed the analogy of climbing a hill in your hometown. If you are in reasonably good shape, you can get up and down most hills. Now imagine you want to climb in the Rocky Mountains. The general skills needed to get up the hills back home will not help you reach 14,000 feet. You are going to need a new set of skills, and to acquire them, you need to train differently. You will need to stop what you have been doing and create new practices that will help you reach a new elevation.

Those new practices will become habits over time, and then this same process will need to be applied when it is time to go past 14,000 feet and head towards Everest. The skills are monumentally different, but the process to obtain them is the same.

For those that want to continue to grow, life can be viewed as several of these climbs. Finding Your Way is meant to be a resource you can use on your life journey to get to your ultimate destination. The writings and experiences here are based on the collective experience of myself and partners Craig C. Rowe and Travis Carson. All of us have experienced success as we define it in our lives, and we have used this writing to share the simple concepts with you.

We hope to see you on a future climb.

Mark T. Andrews